The Tested Ones

The beauty of the tested ones, The ones that bleed from pain unseen, Whose deeds depict them as unclean, Those who have seen the darkest nights, Alone and empty- Their souls in plight, The ones whose bodies ache from harm Whose minds are rampant with alarm What makes them choose such self destruction? A life... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Remembering

Remember Ramadans past, People, places and things that didn't last. Parts of my life that I thought would withstand the years, Came and went as simply as my falling tears That grieve the loss of time poorly spent. Oh Ramadan, Here you are again, Calling me to account for the damage I've done to my... Continue Reading →

Get Woke Sister

Okay firstly, let me just put it out there that I am probably 10 years too old to be using phrases like 'woke'. But, I like it. If you haven't googled it like I did, its basically the incorrect tense of 'awake'. So before y'all jump on my English, I'm just staying relevant. Staying relevant.... Continue Reading →

Taking a moment to Reflect

In the midst of planning, doing, looking after, caring, worrying, regretting, living... Take a moment to reflect. Most days from the second I open my eyes until the time I fall exhausted onto my pillow to sleep, I am inundated with responsibilities, aspirations and endless to-do lists. Looking after my children, finding the time to... Continue Reading →

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