Get Woke Sister

Okay firstly, let me just put it out there that I am probably 10 years too old to be using phrases like ‘woke’. But, I like it. If you haven’t googled it like I did, its basically the incorrect tense of ‘awake’. So before y’all jump on my English, I’m just staying relevant.

Staying relevant. In the past few years, with the spotlight that has been on Islam for various reasons and the clarity that is now following as it becomes obvious to the world the misinformation and lies that they have been inundated with by politicians and the media, it has never been a better time to have a positive influence in the world we live in. That means, the ummah (Muslim community) and the world around it too.

When I first started blogging, it was more so for therapy following the death of my late husband (may Allah subḥānahu wa ta'āla (glorified and exalted be He) have mercy on him). As I wrote and healed, my intention grew beyond the scope of my grief as I grew to want to help others and contribute more to the Ummah. Changing circumstances and increased opportunities to contribute to the revival of our community has led me to here. Starting something new, with this blog, in the hope that Allah accepts even a few words of mine as a contribution for His sake.

But learn from me. It took death of a loved one for me to ‘get woke’. Alhamdullilah. It was a powerful wake up call, but you don’t want to have to wait for something tragic to happen for you to realise that there is so much that more you could be doing. So much more that we all could be doing.
As women, in my opinion, we work like 3 full time jobs just in raising our children and running the house. In educating our children and ensuring that they have proper Islamic upbringing we are fulfilling their rights upon us. Yes, grounded children may become ‘woke’ adults who go on to serve the community, Insha’ Allah. But, what else are we doing to contribute to the society and community that they are going to be a part of? If we aren’t a part of the solutions being put forth then we are a part of the problem.

Be the change sisters!

The challenges you faced growing up, the down falls of the community, the lack in support and programs in areas that you felt were important… are we just going to wait around for someone else to do it? If you’re thinking you’re not qualified for certain roles, volunteer, lobby to have people in positions of influence to start the incentive. We ALL have something to offer. Be a part of the solution.

Be a part of the revival of this deen. This is a list of things I came up with that we could be doing (there’s so much more though!) :

  • Write and share your experiences
    There is a wealth of initiatives in the community giving voices to young, new or aspiring writers in the community. We all have experience and life lessons that could benefit others, especially the youth.
  • Volunteer
    Find one or more of the MANY female led organisations that are popping up in the community. Even if it is just a small role, you will find that just experiencing the rush of sisterhood from volunteering will have you wanting to do more, Insha’Allah.
  • Teach Qur’an and Arabic
    If you have the knowledge to teach such a core part of our deen, do not keep it to yourself. Even if it is a couple of hours a week. It is a waste of benefit to others and even such a loss in accumulating good deeds for your akhirah.
  • Make friends with Reverts
    This one is close to my heart. Some of the sisters who come strongest into the deen are reverts. Be a part of their growth. So many of us lacked the support beyond giving our shahadah. Taking shahadah is the easy part. The struggles, loneliness and transition afterwards would really be made so much more bearable with strong support networks around reverts.
  • Attend community forums and events
    There are many events aimed at addressing social issues within the community that don’t get half the attendance that they should. I went to an amazing forum on domestic violence recently and was disappointed that it wasn’t packed to the door. I remember thinking, ‘if this was a lecture on finding a spouse it would be sold out’. The event was even free. Anyways, the forums are there, its up to people in the community to attend, share their views and experiences and network. You never know who you could meet and what difference you could make to the Ummah.
  • Du’a!
    Huh? Yes, I mean it. Supplicate to Allah. Someone I deeply respect shared with me how they make du’a that Allah uses them to serve the ummah and it is amazing at the way this person’s life has been directed to the cause of Allah. SubhanAllah. I can attest to the changes this type of du’a will make in your life. So, if you don’t know where to start, start with du’a.


Shaykh Ibn Baz رحمه الله said:

“Whenever there is a woman present who is qualified to give da’wah to Allah, she should be aided and requested to provide guidance to women, because they are in need of female advisors of their own kind.

The presence of a female caller amongst women may be more beneficial in conveying da’wah to the path of truth to them than that of a man. Women may be too shy to tell a man about issues that concern them, or there may be something that prevents them from listening to the da’wah from a man. This is not the case when they are with a female caller because they intermingle with her, relate to her issues that they are concerned with and they are also affected by a female caller more than a male.

So it is imperative upon those who have knowledge from amongst women to perform what is wajib (obligatory) upon them in relation to performing da’wah and directing other women to everything that is good according to the best of their abilities.”

Majmū’ Fatāwā wa Maqālāt Mutanawwi’ah, 7/325

Don’t wait to be tested or for a calamity to strike for you to realise how little time you have in this dunya to make a difference. Get involved in the Da’wah. Be a part of the revival and strive to give victory to this Ummah, so Allah gives victory to you on the Day of Judgement.


Get woke sister.

With Peace,

Wa Asalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

Umm Summi xx

How did you get woke? What are your ideas/ how are you active in da’wah? Loved the blog? Please write your experiences in the comment section, like, share and follow my blog for more!






[1] Narrated by Abu Hurairah in Sahih Muslim Book 16, Hadith 1508


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